Special offer for single-side printed balaclavas

Quality rather than cheap mass produced: We offer high quality, single-side printed balaclavas with a first class value for money.

We consciously respond to the poor quality of many products provider of balaclavas on the European market, from which we want to distance ourselves. With our suppliers, we have negotiated special rates, so that we can guarantee our customers high quality at reasonable prices.

We will not participate in the current negative trend of the market and drive through substandard goods the price down – we know that we owe our customers quality. Unfortunately, not every provider cares about that. At our last test order, for example, balaclavas were supplied to us who were just suitable for children’s heads. If you have ordered 5,000 pieces of it and suppose to get delivered in good faith adult sizes, you have a problem.

There are also cases in which providers want to make a quick buck and provide balaclavas or other coated products with writing and / or printing errors. If then no replacement or exchange is offered, you have also a problem. These points you should keep in mind if you want to order soon with providers who have balaclavas to “unbeatable” prices on offer.

Of course, we are also not entirely immune to mistakes. But if we once made a mistake, you will definitely get a replacement. Our goal is to run each job and each delivery to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are not interested in making a quick buck with printed balaclavas of poor quality.

Our balaclavas with single-sided printing are of very heavy quality. Often, however, balaclavas are offered, hardly half as much weight as our feature articles. Even if the printings our balaclavas differ significantly in their good quality of the products of most other suppliers. We use the custom-fit and very flexible spandex material; so that the balaclava can stretch easily without causing the printing is immediately destroyed.

Sturmhaub mit Print


15000 balaclavas with single-side printing – special offer price

Color of the balaclava optional: black-blue-red-white
Border / Hemline: contrasting colors at no extra charge
1 multicolored print approximately 10 cm x 10 cm on the left

0,56 Euro each
(excl. VAT)

For transport we choose the cheapest alternative. Transport costs are shown on the invoice you get after the order.